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We asked ourselves: Why can’t a brewery be industrial - but sexy & beautiful? Why can’t a

brewery be the cool, local hangout spot? Why can’t a brewery be a place for those not so well

versed in the craft to learn about it without feeling intimidated? It can be, and we are.

Red Tank: is a chic, yet industrial lounge-like destination, with the best craft beer at it’s

core. Hip music, big screens, open rustic ceilings, bling covered chandeliers, comfortable

seating … all with a functional, tourable industrial backdrop; all a welcomed change from the

boring old picnic tables at every other brewery.

Who We Are

     We are Red Tank: Brewing Company The Art & Science of Handcrafted Beer.  We are a family owned & operated brewery on the banks of the mighty Navesink River in beautiful downtown Red Bank, NJ.  

     Red Tank: was founded by husband and wife John & Lovina Arcara out of their love for life, family & the finer things.  We live right here in Red Bank with our 3 amazing daughters.  We are enamored with our hip little town as we hope that you will be.

     We believe  in producing craft creations that utilize the best local farm to table style ingredients we have to offer.  We believe in the most luxurious European imports  and exotic elements to design masterpieces of flavor & aroma that are enhanced by the elegantly rustic, industrial glamor that we bring to our Tasting room.  We don't make the most beer, just the best beer. 

     We believe in the ambiance of friends, family & fun & most of all, we believe that you will love it here as much as we do.  Please visit us in what we consider to be our little corner of paradise in our renovated building here in Red Bank, NJ.   

Our Story
Our Place
Fermentation Tank


It's what's on the inside that counts

Seated in the middle of "Hip City"Red Bank, NJ, a bustling hub on the Jersey Shore.  We are a stone's throw from the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic & walking distance from the trains to New York City.  Red Tank: The Art & Science of Handcrafted Beer lives inside of an amazing building on an amazing street in downtown Red Bank.  We are THE BEST destination for beer on the Jersey Shore. The perfect setting to sit, relax, meet & greet with a beer in hand.  Come & take a tour of our fantastic stainless steel brewhouse.  Learn the steps it takes to brew the perfect beer & see & be seen among the backdrop of the coolest brewery around.

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We at Red Tank: believe in giving back to the foundations we hold dear .  We regularly give to these foundations, donations from our special events and special edition creations.

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